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Club pub (ground floor)

Open daily 3pm - 10pm

Stop by on a stroll through Old Town!

Beer 0,5l ... 46kč
Wine 1dl ... 30kč
Coffee ... 45kč

Jazz Club (cellar)

Concerts from 8pm - 10pm Ticket 250Czk (ONLINE TICKET JUST FOR 200CZK)!

Entrance to the club is through the club pub. Open doors from 7:00pm.

Tickets for events are available at our club pub daily from 3pm (reservations recommended).

Family business focused on blues founded in 2000. We offer live music, a wide range of cocktails and great food in the pleasant atmosphere of a Romanesque cellar.

Adopt a chair at JAZZ CLUB UNGELT

„We don't want to stop playing great jazz a blues“

Do you want to have your honorary place in a jazz club in the center of Prague? Adopt a chair at Jazz and Blues Club Ungelt.

By adopting a chair of your choice, we will have your name engraved on it.

What else? You will have 15 free tickets to any performance in years 2020/2021. #jazzalive #keepgoing #chairadoption #jazzandbluesclubgo

So? Come and support us.

How can you become the adoptive parent of a jazz chair? Write to, and put "chair adoption" into the subject of the email. We will reply ASAP regarding details.

Anyone, who donates at least 2 500 CZK can become an adoptive parent.

Due to a government order, we are again forced to cancel concert

Thank you for your understanding.

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Contact information

Only 110 steps from the Old Town Square
RESERVATION & INFO +420 224 895 787 (GASTROPUB & JAZZ CLUB 3pm-12pm) 
RESERVATION & INFO +420 734 147 297 (JAZZ CLUB 8pm-12pm)
(manager) +420 734 587 600 (info & reservation)