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Adopt a chair at JAZZ CLUB UNGELT

„We don't want to stop playing great jazz a blues“

Do you want to have your honorary place in a jazz club in the center of Prague? Adopt a chair at Jazz and Blues Club Ungelt.

By adopting a chair of your choice, we will have your name engraved on it.

What else? You will have 15 free tickets to any performance in years 2020/2021. #jazzalive #keepgoing #chairadoption #jazzandbluesclubgo

So? Come and support us.

How can you become the adoptive parent of a jazz chair? Write to, and put "chair adoption" into the subject of the email. We will reply ASAP regarding details.

Anyone, who donates at least 2 500 CZK can become an adoptive parent.

JAZZ CLUB UNGELT - Food and drinks

A small taste of our selection:

Beverages (pdf)

Menu (pdf)

Wine Menu (pdf)

Become a member of our club!

JAZZ & BLUES CLUB UNGELT appreciates the loyal guests, so we have prepared a special club offer. Our philosophy is that the club has to be a place where one likes to return. We will do our best for it.

For club members is:

Ticket for 200 CZK. On the one club card you can purchase a maximum of one discounted ticket shows, for one.

  • 20% discount on all food from our menu.
  • 15% discount on all drinks (only jazz club).
  • Possibility to reserve your favorite table directly in your name (the number 224895787).
  • Once again we want to thank all those who have returned to us. Very much appreciated. Thank you.

Your Jazz Ungelt

Open daily from 20.00 to 24.00 hours. Tickets for sale at the club pub Golden trumpet from 15.00 and from 20.00 at the entrance to the club. Concert every evening from 21.00, the club is open from 20.00. Ticket prices for club members is 200 CZK. On the one club card you can purchase a maximum of one discounted ticket / performance. The club can also enjoy a pleasant dinner with a 20% discount from our menu. Club benefits and special promotions are not cumulative.We reserve the right to amend the terms of the card holder club Club Card is not transferable.

Contact information

Only 110 steps from the Old Town Square
RESERVATION & INFO +420 224 895 787 (GASTROPUB & JAZZ CLUB 3pm-12pm) 
RESERVATION & INFO +420 734 147 297 (JAZZ CLUB 8pm-12pm)
(manager) +420 734 587 600 (info & reservation)