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Daniel Bulatkin NL-Trio

Pianist, organist and composer Daniel Bulatkin, currently residing in the Netherlands, is one of the leading voices of young Czech jazz. Born in 1999, Daniel has been blessed to work since the start with his local role models, as well as tour regularly with foreign names on prestigious stages all over Europe. This has soon culminated in collaborations with jazz & fusion superstars such as Ulf Wakenius, Justin Faulkner, Tineke Postma, Gergo Borlai, Gary Husband and others. Nowadays, you can hear him play everything from straight-ahead and contemporary jazz, all the way to prog-rock, neo-soul and world music, all the while never losing his signature sound and taste. Dubbed a “rising star” and “extreme talent” by his contemporaries as well as critics, Daniel has two albums (Drifter Days and The New Beginning) out under his name, both featured on the Czech radio’s critics polls as some of the best in their respective years. For the first time Daniel brings two of his new colleagues and very in-demand players of the Dutch jazz scene – saxophonist Jesse Schilderink and drummer Jens Meijer – to his home turf. In combination with top Czech bassist Tomas Baros, the group promises an evening full of explosive energy, as well as organic interplay and story-telling improvisation.

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