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FREE-RIDE (rock, blues, funk)

FREE-RIDE is a rock band based Prague, Czech Republic founded by Italian guitar player Dario Sand and American singer Brynn Stephens in 2011.

The band is made up of professional musicians living in Prague who toured in the past with Cheap Trick, Great White, Doro, Apocaliptyca, etc. currently playing in clubs, company parties, festivals across the Czech Republic (headliner for DrevoRockFest, VecnaJizda biker fest, American Day, Hradecka V8, etc.).

FREE-RIDE is playing a mix of rock classic covers and originals, their style is a mix of blues, hard rock and funk,  playing songs from Free, Bachman Turner Overdrive, ZZ Top, Grand Funk Railroad, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc.
The band took their name from the classic Edgar Winter song. So everyone..... come on and take a FREE-RIDE!

The band:
Brynn Stephens - Lead vocals, harmonica
Dario S - Guitar, vocals, keyboards
Michal Zdansky - Bass, vocals
Hugo Lindaur - Drums

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